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Fix Common Issues For The Thunderbird Email | Thunderbird Email Customer Support

In this blog, the Thunderbird Support Phone Number team is explaining the solutions and reason behind the common problems. To resolve the issue, you need to read this blog and get an effective solution by the experienced experts. Most of the user face problems while using webmail to send or receive some important information or data for business and personal purpose. At that moment, you are willing to take help from the technicians so you can visit to get the best solution for your issues. Or else, follow the below-given steps to remove problems from your system promptly.

Trash folder corruption and difficulty in deleting messages  

  • First of all, you need to open the Profile folder, proceed to go to the Menu button, and there select on the option called Help, then click on troubleshooting information option to get the solution. 
  • Then, you have to click the option called Application Basics, tap Show Folder. You will see a window with the profile.
  • Now, you must close the Thunderbird application.
  • Launch the ImapMail folder for IMAP account of Mail folder for the POP account.
  • Launch the folder with the name of the incoming mail server.
  • Choose the Trash and Trash.msf files and delete them in case you do not find check Bin or Deleted.
  • Lastly, you should reboot Thunderbird. Then automatically a new Trash folder will be created if POP, you will have to create a new Trash folder.

Cannot send messages

To resolve the issue you need to check and examine the below settings to avoid further problems.

  • Check your SMTP outgoing email settings
  • Make sure the correct SMTP Server is being used
  • Check that your outgoing email is not being blocked
  • You need to delete SMTP Password
  • Lastly, you must Reset SMTP Password

Safe Mode Thunderbird problem

  • Make sure you start the Safe Mode in the right way.
  • Make sure that Safe Mode is activated
  • Lastly, once you are done with the above two steps then exit Safe Mode

The server doesn’t support encryption

  • If the mail server holds encryption then read all the required info, then tap Change Settings option and change the settings.
  • If the support encryption is not accepted, then review I understand the risk and tap the Create Account button and proceed. Alternately, you can change to mail a provider that allows a secure connection.

In case, you are still facing the problem while using the email account even after following the steps which are mentioned in the above section. Then, you have to connect with the support team; explain the problem properly to get the best solution in minimal time without wasting time searching the issue and reason for it. You can make a call to Thunderbird Email Customer Support +(1)-844-743-6457 toll-free or email anytime. We are 24×7 available to help you on your desk with an effective result.