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Oursainsbury is the official online Sainsbury staff member/employee website. This service itself provides essential details along with roster information and past payslip. It also offers more accessible communication and allows employees to keep up with company news. 

How to Create Oursainsburys account?

The signup process of Oursainsburys is straightforward. It does not provide an online registration form. This is a decision that has been made for security purposes, as the employee portal is solely intended for use by Sainsbury’s colleagues. Visit the website and complete a manual sign up process; the HR department or their manager will instead register employees. 

How to log in to

If you are a new employee of Sainsbury’s, you will probably want to log in to the Our Sainsbury website at some point. However, new employees/staff will likely be confused, as not only does the original webpage at no longer function, the secondary staff website at redirect to with an SMS of “We have moved to” Follow the given steps:

  • Go to the official website at from the web browser. The page will redirect to a Microsoft login page. 
  • Now you will be prompted to insert your Mysainsburys login information such as user name or password. 
  • Fill all the details and hit on the login button. 

Oursainsbury Login problems

Time to time, Sainsbury’s employees encounter many errors to sign into their account. However, in almost all cases, there is a simple solution. The most common problem is that you are using the wrong URL, so make sure your bookmarks have been updated, or that you are entering the right address into the web browser. If the page fails to load, you may have a problem with your internet connection, so check it is working by trying to load a different site. 

If you continue to have problems even loading the page, you should make sure your web browser is updated to the latest version. For those users who have managed to load the login page, but they are unable to login. Another problem is incorrect login credentials. Make sure you are entering your username and password correctly and check that there are no typing errors before trying to sign in. The username should resemble an email address, and you need to insert the prefix, ‘@’ symbol, and suffix. Your password is case sensitive, so switch off the caps lock button from the keyboard. 

Sometimes the users forget their username or password. If you are facing this problem, so go to the main login screen and hit on ‘Can’t access your account?’ option then follow the on-screen instructions. If you continuously face problems, it might be worth attempting to sign in using a different web browser, or a different device. It should be possible to sign in using all mainstream web browsers, along with Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Internet Explorer and Opera