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Wattpad Login

Wattpad is a free website where the users can write and their. The users can also post their articles and blog by creating their covers and trailers for the authors. It was launched in 2006. It provides writers with a platform to publish, promote, and receive feedback on their writing, which can include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Wattpad has enjoyed popularity among professional and amateur writers. It also removes many traditional barriers between writers and readers, meaning that non-writers can use the service to read content, interact with authors, share opinions, and discuss the text with other readers. 

Wattpad is available worldwide, and it also accepts content submissions in more than 50 different languages. It is estimated that the service has more than 30 million active monthly users, including both readers and writers. 

How to register for a Wattpad account?

To register for a new account, you need to go to the Wattpad homepage, and you will be seen a Signup form in the middle of the page. Now you will see the option of creating a new account with your email address or signing up using an existing Facebook or Google account. 

If you wish to create an account using your email address, insert the username, email address and selected password in the given field and press the ‘Start reading’ button. From there, you need to follow the on-page instructions to complete this process and create your new Account. 

If you would prefer to sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account, hit on either the ‘Continue with Facebook’ or ‘Continue with Google’ button above the main sign up form. On the next page, you will need to sign in to your Facebook or Google Account to continue the procedure. If you are already signed in on your browser, click ‘continue’. 

If you are a mobile user and you want to sign up for the Wattpad app, you can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once the app has been launched, the signup process is precisely the same as above. However, it should be noted that the option to sign up with a Google account will only be available to Android users. 

How to Log in Wattpad Account?

Once you create your account, the Wattpad login process is straightforward. In the login page, you need to click on the ‘Login’ button, which can be stable in the top right-hand corner of the page, and a box will pop up containing the login form. 

If you create your Account with Facebook or Google, you need to click on the relevant button and follow the instructions. You will need to sign in to your Account in which you are not already logged in.

On the other hand, if you created a new Wattpad account using your email address, you will need to insert your username or email address in the first field on the login form, then enter the password in the second field. Then, click the orange ‘LogIn’ button at the bottom of the form, and you should gain access to your Account. 

Common Wattpad Login Issues. 

Sometimes the users of Wattpad face some common issues when they sign in to their Account. In this case, you will need to try to identify the cause of the problem. The vast majority of the issues can be easily explained and solved, although pinpointing the precise cause of the problem may require some trial and error.

The most common problem is the use of incorrect login credentials, so be careful when inserting your details. Remember, your password is between six and 20 characters in length and is case sensitive, so make sure the caps lock is turned off. You can also hit on the eye icon on the password field to show the characters. If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the sign-in form.  

You will need to insert your password and email address, and a password reset link will be sent out to your email. Login to your inbox, open the email, hit the link, and you will be able to regain access to your Account. 

If you forgot your username, you need to insert your email address in the username field instead. Then enter the right password, you will be able to sign in. 

If you face problems continuously, try cleaning the web browser’s cache and cookies, before restarting it and trying again. If that did not solve the problem, you could try again using a different web browser. 

How to Login into Wattpad App? 

To login into your Wattpad app, you can follow the given steps:

  • Open the app
  • Hit on “have an account? Log in”
  • Type in the email/username and password
  • Hit on “Start Reading.”

To log out of the Wattpad app:

  • Hit on the person icon on the bottom menu bar. 
  • Click on the gear that is stable in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Choose “Log Out.”